Fuck Off Misogynistic Television

Devious Maids, Desperate Housewives…so woman are devious and desperate, housewives and maids. As my friend just said, Fuck Off Misogynistic Television. I mean, it is fucking enough. Every week on average on prime time TV, 30 women are beaten, murdered, raped, terrorized, kidnapped, objectified as trash and no one cares. Why not? Why don’t we? Why on earth do women support these shows, allow our children, boys and girls, to watch them, why is it okay, acceptable and even desirable to sexualize and torture teen age girls for ratings? Just so some fat fuck can get a big fat check and live in his big fat house somewhere and dream up more demeaning and repulsive entertainment? Really? I mean, really….it is disgusting and we should all be ashamed.

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