Woody Allen

I’ve been saying for years, that Manhattan was Woody Allen’s proud statement of who he is, a pedophile, and how outrageous it was that no one cared. Think of what it took for his daughter to come forward, and imagine what it was like for a 7 year old, hiding in the dark, in her own bed, terrified of her father–and being subjected, sexually, to that ugly, creepy pervert. And if that is not horrid enough, she then had to live with knowing that no one truly cared, live with this immense love and support and worship of him. WHAT IS WRONG WITH US? “Oh but he’s a coach, a priest, a celebrity”, we would rather worship that person for those reasons than protect a child? I will say it again–HE MOLESTED ONE CHILD, MARRIED ANOTHER, AND THEN MADE A MOVIE ABOUT IT. And I will say again, WOODY ALLEN SHOULD BE IN JAIL, not receiving glowing words of admiration. Mad respect for Dylan for having the courage to write what she did. And he wrote it knowing that regardless of what she said, there are mothers and fathers, daughters and sons, grandfathers and grandmothers who are still saying…BUT HE’S WOODY ALLEN–I mean, truly who gives a flying fuck….yes he’s Woody Allen, Woody Allen the pedophile, the pervert, the criminal. He belongs in a cell, on a restricted floor, wandering around, confused about why he is there….

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